The Google search engine results depend on several factors, but all of them, the most important is how you structure content of the pages of your website.

To stay ahead in the search engine you have to get the pages of your website are optimized to consider booking engine “very relevant” with respect to certain keywords.

For example: If you want Google to display one of your pages and search results when someone writes “maintaining transformer” must “convince” the robot of Google for the most relevant page of the world to the concept, you are looking user has typed those words, this is your site before any other candidate.

How to convince the robot google that your page is what the user is looking for?

If you have on your website a page on “maintaining transformer” and want to appear on the first search results you have to “demonstrate” your page is the most relevant to that concept. You will have to synchronize all elements that are part of page:

  1. The page title: (element <title>) It can be called “page 1”, or worse, “Untitled”, or you can call “maintaining transformer …”, the latter is much more relevant.
  2. The URL of the page: can be “ pages =&pageid = 127”, or you can call “”, no need for you to explain what is most relevant.
  3. The inner title page (element <h1>) You can and should include a domestic title with keywords that you want (In this example, “maintaining transformer”)
  4. The imagery you include the page: It costs the same upload a picture that is called “image14574.jpg” the “photo-maintenance-center-transformacion.jpg” Guess what is more relevant?.
  5. Internal links to that page from other pages of your site. This is achieved using navigation menus. You can use menus with graphical buttons (that robots can not read), o well, you can use buttons containing text itself robots can read. Then, Interested in the menu structure, the button pointing to that page use the text “maintaining transformer”

Given these tips, and some more that we reserve for our clients, It is much easier than you think to position your pages in Google (and other search engines).

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