Adelopd Data Protection

adelopd-proteccion-datosAdelopd is sorftare that makes easier to comply with the requirements of spanish LOPD (Data protection Act). It helps companies to fulfill their duties with an easy and paperless system..

Allows you to manage all the requirements that the law requires businesses:

– Identify the files used by the company, and declare them to enroll in the Register of the Data Protection Agency.

– Develop a security document with the following information: Files, staff, permissions, backup systems, media inventory…

– Manage contracts with third (Tax Consultant, labor consultant, computer…) who may have access to personal information of.

– Document the other formal requirements under the Data Protection Act: Authorizations, delegations, ARCO rights record, etc.

At present it is a life project, and is increasing its network of franchisees a very profitable business model.