Advantages of a self managed web

A website that uses our technology Web self has two major advantages:
1) Google is the contents of the web and puts them in the best positions of the Seeker.

No need to be an expert in search engine optimization. Just type a story or an article which has the title the words that want to be found when someone look in Google.

Once put the title, write the body of the story or article, you hit the button "Post" and our system does the rest:

– Includes the new page within the website structure.
– Modifies the menus of all existing pages to also point to the new.
– Prepare entire system (crosslinking, textos anchor, Page titles, domestic stocks in the news or article, Meta tags, Site map (sitemap), etc…) Google to find your site and consider "relevant", to come out in the top positions of search.


2) It is easy to maintain. If you know writing with a word processor, You know update the website.

Besides being an expert in NO position, No need to know HTML, NO you need to know to program, you need not handle programs ftp file transfer.

If you know write a letter, You know and also update the web, You know locate on Google.

See google positioning a self-managed web.