29 Sep

Innovation in the enterprise

In the competitive world we live in, where companies have to struggle every day to survive, perhaps the best competitive strategy is innovation.

Innovation is not just a fad. It is a management style and corporate culture that makes the difference between a profitable and doomed to failure.

Innovation in the company is today the best competitive strategy, that we can continue.

29 Sep

Class SEO SEM in Valencia

This afternoon our manager Vicente Ribes has been teaching a class sessions on SEO and SEM in INVATE founding in Valencia.

Neither the strike, nor the Valencia-Manchester party have been obstacle to the full class.

It has been a pleasure to have students auntentico as participatory.

07 Sep

Curso Community Manager

Profile responsible for marketing a business on social networks, better known as Community Manager is a profile increasingly demanded by companies.
In fact, some people think that all companies should have one.
At present there are few skilled workers in the field, but there are good opportunities for additional training.

Our manager, Vicente Ribes, is one of the teachers of intensive Community Manager organizes the Valencian Institute of Technology and which will be held in Valencia 27 to the 30 September.

This course is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the different strategies, techniques and web tools 2.0 to promote and advertise your business online, increase its visibility in the search engines and optimize its customer.

If you want more information, here is the information pdf: