lotosistemaLotoSistema is a website that works as Spanish Primitiva Lottery and EuroMillions syndicate that works exclusively online (with no physical offices).

It has an innovative system of organizing syndicates that allows our customers:

– Playing in the most comfortable way. We generate bets, organize the rocks, send each customer a personalized email with betting playing before each draw, and another email with the achieved prizes after each draw.

– Playing in the most profitable way possible. Our system gives more weight to the numbers that have a higher correlation awards and employing a reduction to 5.No touch can make us more times, but we can do that when we touch, we touch more money.

– Organize joint rocks, with what we got: Play a large number of bets and keep the possibility of getting important awards (avoid the dilution effect typical of the rocks)

All, with an automated system that does it all.

– Controls the high new partners, and calculates the fees payable to webmasters who send us new partners.

– Generates debits for payment of shares.

– Generates bets required for each draw, and sends them to the Lottery Administration validate.

– Send emails to customers when the lottery tickets are confirmed in the safe.

– Make scrutiny.

– Make the distribution of prizes and seats in the account of each customer.

– Send emails with the achieved awards.

LotoSistema is designed as a high value-added service for customers, but with a very high degree of automation, to reduce structural costs of maintaining the service.