26 Apr

Sell ​​firm in difficulty

When a company is in financial difficulties, one of the alternatives that the employer arises sell a business “Specializing in refloat firms in difficulty”.

You may have seen advertisements for “WE GAIN COMPANIES IN CRISIS, NO MATTER SITUATION”. Or other listings as “BUY YOUR DEBT CASH”.

When the ship starts to sink, is very human attempt to jump and somebody else deal going plugging the leaks, giving explanations to employees, giving explanations to suppliers… Surely that's a nasty job and many people try to get rid of it.

Sell ​​the company (even for one euro) is a viable alternative in some cases, but it is also an opportunity for some easy money scavengers.

There are some savvy to take advantage of the good faith of the former owners and “buy for one euro” a company in crisis, promising the moon and the stars.

It is well known that the best way to fool someone is telling you what you want to hear: “We will take care of the debt, Company reflotaremos, will respect all jobs, pay everyone. Your name will be completely clean, You can go quiet…”

when in reality all they do is scavengers:

1) SELL EVERYTHING SELLABLE: Stock, machinery, vehicles, etc.

2) COLLECT ALL COLLECTIBLE: Customer balances, cash sales, etc.

3) GENERATING COMPANY SCREEN FROM FAKE BILLS, for advisory services, repairs, all the various services, all nonexistent.

4) NOT PAY ANYONE: nor employees, or suppliers, or banks, or Hacienda, etc. And use the bag of money generated in point 2) to pay the false invoices point 3)

In the short term, Company busting, scavengers have taken what little good it was and the previous owner by scavengers remains responsible for the guarantees that had signed and as a subsidiary responsible for the atrocities committed. Because corporate law (and very specifically for these cases, the Bankruptcy Act), establishes the overall responsibility of directors of companies. Where an employer sells a company that is in bankruptcy proceedings, responsibility does not expire by the fact sell.

If the seller of a company has guaranteed loans to the company with its assets, This can be arrested even if conducts the sale.

To avoid, must be reflected in the sales contract the buyer assumes these guarantees; is highly desirable that the bank is present at the sale, since the entity must consent to the change of debtor. Otherwise the previous owner remains responsible guarantor.

Anyway it's relatively easy to distinguish whether the buyer has a legitimate interest in ensuring viable company, or is a vile scavenger that will take advantage of legal loopholes to steal everything you can.

The seller must require the buyer two conditions:

UNA: Reflected in the sales contract the buyer assumes guarantees and obtain the consent of the bank to make that change of guarantor.

DOS: Simultaneously to the sales transaction, should be formalized a capital increase by the buyer. That is the way to show that the buyer is really committed to the future of the company. If that investment commitment is made only in words or writing and then fails, the seller can not be held accountable to the buyer. This commitment is valid only if signed before a notary in the form of capital.

A scavenger never accept these conditions. A buyer interested in the future of the company itself will.

We know that it is very unpleasant to manage a company in crisis, but sell it to a scavenger will only make things worse for everyone: to the former owners, for employees and suppliers of the company.

19 Apr

Forget the no-reply on their email marketing campaigns

The Law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the information society and electronic commerce, also known as LSSI amended by Royal Decree-Law 13/2012 of 30 March
A major change for companies that perform email marketing campaigns is that the final paragraph of Article 21 is worded as:

When communications have been sent by email, said means must consist of including a valid e-mail address where I can exercise this right, forbidden sending communications that do not include this address.

The sea, shipments from no-reply@midominio.com addresses have become ILLEGAL.
Beware of email marketing tools, because if not take into account this consideration can be significant sanctions.

13 Jan

Germany prohibits the Google Analytics tool

The German Data Protection Commissioner, Johannes Caspar, announced today that prohibits German websites use the free Google Analytics tool.

Google Analytics es, today a basic tool for the measurement and analysis of traffic for any website. It's free, easy to implement, and provides much information to webmaster:

– Where does the traffic coming to the site: what percentage comes through search engines or through which sites that we link. What are the sites that we link.
– The visits come from search engines, What words are those that have been used to reach our site.
– How long the user stays on our site.
– Which pages are the ones you have interested most.
– What is your country of origin…

Very important data for the web is improving and offering increasingly better quality content for your audience.

However, German commissioner has argued that the collection of IP addresses may violate the privacy of citizens. He has threatened with fines up 50.000 euros for the company you use on your website.

With what we know, in our country, although a webmaster know that you have visited a user from the IP the 13 January at 17:04 does not bring any personal data.
The only one who knows that address was assigned to the router Jose Perez and his home is the ISP (Telefónica, That, Orange, Vodafone…) that provides access to sr. Pérez. And those companies do not provide any such information without a warrant.

It is possible that the German commissioner knows something we do not. Alternatively feel like going out in the news or even more Catholic than the Pope.

Although this is a free service, for Google this is a serious breach, because now most companies do not know if its budget on online advertising is still useful or not. And in that scenario, it is normal to reduce their spending on advertising in Adwords (a major source of revenue for Google, why he bought and offers free Analytics service).

In this scenario, it is normal that the lords of Google will spend whatever it takes to lawyers and to denounce the German commissioner in court. And also you require damages. And if you finally give reason, as in Spain, not pay the commissioner man who commits the cacicada, but the suffering taxpayers. Although perhaps give reason to Sr. Gaspar. We'll see.

There are still many unknowns about the future of this issue, but the only thing certain is that all German companies who choose to pay attention to your trustee will return to the average age of the Internet and will be less competitive, because they will have much less useful information to keep improving your website. And those who choose to disobey, have a sword of Damocles over their business. Now it is up to the German companies choose between fire and embers.

German plumber who has a web, I guess that will give equal. Now, for the German company whose core business is internet (virtual shops of all kinds, free web services that are financed by advertising…) itself is a blow. Even if it gets ugly, it is normal that the latter arising divert your internet business to other countries with less interventionist authorities, that after all, limit internet, in many cases it is like putting the tide.

I just hope the director of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection decides to establish itself as European and world champion data protection and ban here too.

29 Sep

Innovation in the enterprise

In the competitive world we live in, where companies have to struggle every day to survive, perhaps the best competitive strategy is innovation.

Innovation is not just a fad. It is a management style and corporate culture that makes the difference between a profitable and doomed to failure.

Innovation in the company is today the best competitive strategy, that we can continue.

29 Sep

Class SEO SEM in Valencia

This afternoon our manager Vicente Ribes has been teaching a class sessions on SEO and SEM in INVATE founding in Valencia.

Neither the strike, nor the Valencia-Manchester party have been obstacle to the full class.

It has been a pleasure to have students auntentico as participatory.

07 Sep

Curso Community Manager

Profile responsible for marketing a business on social networks, better known as Community Manager is a profile increasingly demanded by companies.
In fact, some people think that all companies should have one.
At present there are few skilled workers in the field, but there are good opportunities for additional training.

Our manager, Vicente Ribes, is one of the teachers of intensive Community Manager organizes the Valencian Institute of Technology and which will be held in Valencia 27 to the 30 September.

This course is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the different strategies, techniques and web tools 2.0 to promote and advertise your business online, increase its visibility in the search engines and optimize its customer.

If you want more information, here is the information pdf:


05 Christmas

Twitter as a channel for business communication

Twitter is increasingly used by companies to maintain and quick contacts “informal” with its network of clients. As shown, An example: The sales manager in Spain for your Amazon Web Services AWS distributed (Amazon Web Services) you chose Twitter as fast channel of communication and “open conversation” with customers.

The advantages are manifold: Twitter is fast, viral somewhat, free, open and easy to use. Whenever there is more present on mobile phones, and lets you communicate with friends open, customers or suppliers.

If you have an account on twitter, Just visit the profile of your customer / supplier and “follow”. From there you will enter your “timeline” twitter short messages to write that person / company.

Twitter does not replace email, but complements it perfectly as an alternative means of mass communication, more informal and close.

14 Jun

Sending emails without Blind Copy

Do you appreciate differences between these two pictures?
1) Shipping to my clients using the field “to” email program.

2) Shipping to my clients using the field “BCC” (Blind carbon copy) the “CCO” (With Bcc) email program.
The difference is bigger than it looks. The system 2) is correct and the only one you should use.

If you use the system 1) You are revealing to each of your customers name and email address of each of the rest of your customers, demonstrate little knowledge you have of new technologies, and besides piss off your customers, it can cost you 3.000 euro fine. You will not be the first: Click here if you're curious to see the sanction decision of the Agency for Data Protection.

So, you know, when you send an email to a list of friends, customer, always use the COPY OCULTA.

NOTE: The company that received the 3.000 Euro sanction of the Data Protection Agency was NOT sent an email advertising. It was a Christmas card simplemnte. Maybe if it had been a commercial shipping, the penalty would be even greater.

02 Jun

Opposition Calls Latest Local Police

oposiciones-policiaOur company has completed a new project: The web www.oposiciones-policia.es , which is a free service information and alerts to stand for Oppositions Local Police.

With this service alerts, opponents can subscribe for free in your email and receive notices of new oppositions they are published, within minutes of publication.

With this service, no opposition was “outwit” and it will take you to the instance for opposition.

Each opponent can subscribe to alerts in a province or provinces as many as you like.

Is technically developed so that the web is self-updating. A program that runs several times a day see the Official Gazette and locates the notices of competition to local police. Incorporates these calls to the database from which builds pages, and then, send emails to subscribers,,es,All this in an automated way,,es,oppositions Files,,es. Todo ello de forma automatizada.

The system requires human intervention only if the “read” BOE find some results “not understand” (corrections of errors or similar). In this case mark the result as ambiguous and sends an email to the administrator for review of that call “ambiguous” and a human decide if it is relevant and should be incorporated or not.

The 98% days, the system operates without human intervention.