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The push you need your tourism business

Need more customers?

Today your business has two dimensions: Physics and online.

Physics is that we all try to take care (cleaning, order, friendliness, good presence, … ). Everything that makes the customer feel satisfied and perceived quality.

And the size of your business online? Is the most you can bring new customers, which you can multiply the visibility of your business, and that it can bring more profitability (in terms of turnover, regarding online investment)

Do you have an online strategy for your tourism business?
Do you know how to properly manage social networks to be profitable?
Do you know how to manage your presence and positioning in Google?

The Generalitat Valenciana, through the Valencian Institute of Tourism Technologies, and in collaboration with the EOI Business School they have prepared a three afternoons seminar in which you teach so 100% practice how to give a boost to your business or your tourism project.

Days 16, 17 Y 18 of November, in Alicante.

The seminar has tremendous value, but being subsidized, participation in it is free, (limited places, by order of registration).

have the brochure and registration information here.