02 Jun

Opposition Calls Latest Local Police

oposiciones-policiaOur company has completed a new project: The web www.oposiciones-policia.es , which is a free service information and alerts to stand for Oppositions Local Police.

With this service alerts, opponents can subscribe for free in your email and receive notices of new oppositions they are published, within minutes of publication.

With this service, no opposition was “outwit” and it will take you to the instance for opposition.

Each opponent can subscribe to alerts in a province or provinces as many as you like.

Is technically developed so that the web is self-updating. A program that runs several times a day see the Official Gazette and locates the notices of competition to local police. Incorporates these calls to the database from which builds pages, and then, send emails to subscribers,,es,All this in an automated way,,es,oppositions Files,,es. Todo ello de forma automatizada.

The system requires human intervention only if the “read” BOE find some results “not understand” (corrections of errors or similar). In this case mark the result as ambiguous and sends an email to the administrator for review of that call “ambiguous” and a human decide if it is relevant and should be incorporated or not.

The 98% days, the system operates without human intervention.