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Alias, redirection or mailbox

When configuring corporate email accounts of a company, we have to make several decisions as

How many email accounts created?

and each of them does make physical mailbox, redirect or alias?

Basically there are two great options:

1 Que cada empleado tenga una dirección personal física y las corporativas sean virtuales:

Each person, a mailbox type physical mail ana@midominio.com, berta@midominio.com, carlos@midominio.com, etc.

If a corporate function (not: accounting) He takes one person (not: Ana) accounting as an ALIAS will ana.

If a corporate function (not: contabildad) the carry two or more people, (NOT: Ana, Berta y Carlos) will contabilidad@midominio.com as a redirect (without mailbox) que se reenviará automáticamente a Ana, a Berta y a Carlos, de forma que cualquiera que escriba a contabilidad@midominio.com lo recibirán los tres.

ADVANTAGE: As each employee has their mailbox, it is organized as he wants (filters, folders for clients, etc)
INCONVENIENT: when Ana, Carlos Berta or answer an email addressed to accounting, They undertake to put a copy to the other two (if you want to know about the response), ya que la respuesta es de Ana, se queda grabada en la carpeta “Sent items” Ana and the other two would not know that mail has been answered.


2 Physical corporate divisions:

We create an address type contabilidad@midominio.com as a physical mailbox and configure IMAP mail clients type on multiple computers (The Ana, the Berta and Carlos).

Thus there is a single email that is managed from three computers. The advantage is that any of them can tell if a message has been answered and what the customer has answered. Forces everyone to work with common rules (Folder organization).

ADVANTAGE: Being a single mailbox, there is always aware of what has been answered and what not.
INCONVENIENT: Being a single mailbox, if one deletes a message or site changes affect the other two. So if “misses” or “deleted” something, we will not know who did it or what put.

2 mixed scheme:

You can create certain personal accounts and certain physical weel addresses, so that an employee will have two mailboxes on your mail program: Personal and corporate or corporate affecting them.